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Harry Massey is widely regarded as the leading product developer in the bioenergetic & energy medicine space. He is a pioneer in this field and has developed several innovative products such as the Bioenergetic Wellness System (BWS), Infoceuticals, MIHealth, and GEM. Harry Massey has worked with companies like Ammortal and Upgrade Labs to create cutting-edge health products. He has a wealth of experience in health product development, and his expertise spans a range of areas including the application of physics to biology, the body’s energetic control system, AI, electronics & bio-informational imprinting. Harry Massey & his team only work with companies who have the ability to bring bio-energetics at scale.

Our model is licensing our groups IP and charging for product development with a mix of upfront payments & royalties



Harry Massey is the co-inventor of  Infoceuticals for NES Health, a revolutionary product designed to address the body’s energy environment and activate its self-repair system. Massey’s creation is based on extensive mapping of the human body-field over the past three decades, resulting in a unique line of Infoceuticals encoded with corrective information to optimize health and wellness.

Infoceuticals are intended for daily use in the comfort of one’s home, offering a convenient and ongoing protocol. They have been shown to impact the body’s physics, influencing all other activities within the body. Studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Infoceuticals, with participants experiencing a remarkable 102% increase in self-reported wellness scores after completing just one Infoceutical protocol. Additionally, symptom severity scores were observed to decrease.

Each infoceutical is imprinted with specific bio-information that supports various organs or systems of the body. By resonating with the body’s healthy aspects, Infoceuticals guide anything unhealthy back to an ideal state through the power of resonance. This corrective ability stems from the information imprinted in these remedies, which consist of filtered water and micro-minerals. Specially modulated photons and magnetic fields are applied under a high-voltage electrostatic charge, imbuing the Infoceuticals with specific resonant qualities to enhance bodily functions.

Infoceuticals are conveniently available in dropper bottles and can be used at home between visits or consultations with a NES Health practitioner. The NES Health scanning software generates an easy-to-follow protocol that recommends which Infoceuticals to use. To consume them, the recommended number of drops for each Infoceutical is dispensed into a glass or bottle of water and consumed. They can be taken safely and conveniently with any foods or nutritional supplements, making them highly accessible for users.


The innovative mind behind miHealth, Harry Massey invented a powerful handheld biofeedback device that effectively reduces stress, re-educates energy flow, and stimulates the body’s innate healing abilities. It is non-invasive and provides relief for muscle and joint soreness and injuries.

The miHealth combines the best features of various health technologies. It improves upon TENS technology by adapting in real-time to the body’s needs and enhancing its responsiveness. Additionally, it incorporates global scaling theory to work at precise frequencies, mimicking nature’s fractal approach to maintaining life. The miHealth also utilizes PEMF technology to carry NES information into the body, supporting its healing processes.

As part of the NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System, the miHealth can be used during client sessions to release blockages and trigger points identified during scans, jumpstarting the wellness process. It is also available for home use and can be purchased from NES Health practitioners.

The NES miHealth is portable, non-invasive, and proven. It scans the body-field to identify energetic blockages and can clear them or stimulate trigger points directly on the body. It can also deliver frequencies off-body in broadcast mode with similar effects. An outcome study conducted by NES Health demonstrated that 88% of participants benefited from miHealth therapy, with increasing trends toward wellness observed over subsequent sessions.


Using cutting-edge, proprietary technology, the GEM evaluates the entire wave of the pulse, categorizing shapes and patterns to relay information about your emotional energy and dominant emotional state.

Then the GEM delivers research-backed biosignatures to help correct emotional imbalances. Disruptive emotions like anxiety, impatience, and fear can zap your energy, crush your motivation, and lead to feeling like you’re living a half-life.

To help you master your emotions, strengthen your mental and emotional energy, and increase your resilience to stress, the GEM unlocks powerful personal insights into which emotions might be draining you.


In a quest to create a comprehensive wellness product for NES Practitioners, Harry created the BioEnergetiX WellNES System. This system offers a bioenergetic assessment that goes beyond clients’ symptoms, providing a detailed overview of the body’s energy and information blockages. It showcases the body-field’s interaction with nutrition, environment, and emotions, revealing how stress and traumas impact health. The software, backed by decades of research, delivers a holistic analysis that is easy to perform and understand. With remote scanning capabilities, clients can access the service without in-person visits, making it convenient and accessible. The non-invasive and painless scan provides insightful results, ensuring client satisfaction.


Harry Massey has developed an imprinting technology that delivers bio-information in the chamber, creating the Ammortal scan and personalized bioinformational treatments. The Chamber offers a complete experience by integrating various technologies and ancient wisdom, enhancing physical, biological, energetic, spiritual, and psychological aspects. Through healing light, music, voice, magnetic energy, molecular hydrogen, and deep vibration, it generates a transformative and peaceful resonant power, enabling individuals to unlock their full potential.


Harry Massey developed proprietary AI to iterate on in a protected way individual philosophies and intellectual property for health experts and wellness companies.


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