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Information Nowhere & Everywhere

Being “off the grid” with next to no internet or cellphone reception is a refreshing experience. One that makes you see things a little differently. Here we are in 2020 bombarded by mass media, banking, big pharma and big tech’s psychological and economic manipulation of, well, the whole globe! Including politicians and those who are meant to protect the people – sorry for those who believe that true power belongs to presidents, prime ministers, and government officials.

Who needs James Bond films when you can just live in the movie?

If it wasn’t so tragic, we could commend its so-far-brilliant execution. Very obvious giant holes in their plan, but just as in 1984 with Doublespeak – it doesn’t really matter if you control the narrative (or as per 1984, control the past). You can still control the present and, therefore, the future.

Like many inquisitive people, when we first went into Lockdown, we Duckduckgoed geopolitics, virus theory, COVID statistics, money flows, and corporate influence. Frankly, this portrayed a pretty dystopic picture. Enough to get us off our butt and decide to go on this trip across the states. Given the likelihood of other statistically manipulated waves and lockdowns when the next flu season starts, until we reach the “solution” of a global vaccine, we thought we should take the opportunity of being as free as we could. Having a home on wheels does pretty nicely.

Now we’re a little distant from daily news and social media, given we’re staying next to a babbling brook in the middle of a forest. And although cell phone towers do like disguising themselves as trees, forests certainly don’t provide access to the world wide web of information. We can read a bit more broadly around what’s going on and where all this might be going.

So when we’re looking at events, what are the fundamental information influences in various countries that will influence where the world is going? Geography….. Rivers enable farming & trade, Coastlines & Mountain ranges provide secure borders, Aging Demographics increase national debt & resource (oil) rich lands generate wealth & wars. The two largest empires, the UK and the USA, basically dominated in different periods, because of their secure borders & navies being able to provide secure trade across most of the world. And here we are in 2020, which is one way I would say marks the end of World War 2…….In 1945, the US accounted for 50% of the global economy and as part of ending the wars in Germany and the Japenese invasion of China, the US basically ended up providing for free security for global trade and from one viewpoint the last 75 years have been considerably peaceful with far fewer wars than likely there would have been without one dominant “protector of the global order”. Incredibly China, Germany & Japan have all benefited by being able to sell into the largest market, the US, without needing to provide the security. Well, Germany isn’t allowed to and Japan’s Navy is there because the US wants to keep China in check. And yes, you can also point to the over interference in global affairs of Vietnam, North Korea &…..the middle east……With the US after 10 years failing in Iraq and Afganastan have now left, in part realizing they can’t impose a US style democracy & in part now that the US thanks to shale is a net exporter of oil…..doesn’t strategically need foreign oil…..along with realizing that the US now “only” accounts for 25% of the global economy yet has been paying 100% of the “security” of all the trade routes for everyone else and only 10% of the goods sold in the USA are actually imported. In short it looks like the US is coming to the conclusion that it doesn’t need to be so Global and with it beginning to retract it’s global security…….we’ll see some interesting regional re-allocations. Will China implode with it’s demography problems, insane levels of money printing & the US not safeguarding it’s trade ? With the US gone, will Iran become the most powerful country in the middle east? Will the UK benefit from it’s independence from all the demographic & trade problems coming in Europe? Or will it continue it’s imperial role reversal and be even more subservient to the US? Will France or Germany come out on top & will the European Union survive ? Brexit is messy and will be a long ride, but also pre-sentient with where the world is trending. From a broader perspective did Britain really have a choice, with the seeming chaos just part of the natural interaction of the swings of time and geography?

Of course there is also significant influence of global order beyond National Country tendencies – big tech, big banks, big pharma & who work beyond borders of which is why we saw so much co-ordination & similarity in how the events of 2020 have unfolded all across the globe. A few brave countries and states have resisted and un surprisingly are much better off for it.

Real power is getting concentrated in fewer hands, as tech, banks and pharma become increasingly interlaced – the same banks own most of the stock of the big tech and pharma companies along with pharma’s advertising money being the bulk of mass media’s income. Huxley saw this when he wrote Brave New World, that power continues to concentrate in on itself along with ways of keeping that power through increased tracking and control of the population.

One of the fundamental laws of reality is the Law of Polarity, which shows us why Information (Order) so elegantly opposes Entropy (Disorder), of which 2020 is a perfect example of seeing both a large rise in order (tracking, media manipulation & tech replacing retail) along with a large rise in disorder (de-globalization & social disorder). Neither extreme is good, yet they both keep the other in check…..without the chaos to challenge concentrating power, we would end up with a world for the 0.001% and without the order to organize the chaos, we would end up with anarchy.

History of course repeats itself, & therefor we can rest assured that after many decades of

the nation sized cards reshuffling, we will yet again experience a swing back towards greater global order…….although most of us will not get to see that day if we believe in normal lifespans…..

yet in the coming period, we only need to live long & healthy enough for the advances in life extension science to add decades or perhaps infinity to our lifespan. Of course the bankers, pharma & technologists will be able to afford it first and that could bring a whole other host of problems……..obviously only the “chosen few” will have access to it as we can’t have everyone living forever – population growth would eat up the world.

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